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Synthetik is a fast-growing technology start-up based in Austin, TX. We create and develop breakthrough technology to mitigate the biggest threats to the world around us, including terrorism, extreme events and global environmental impacts.


Service Areas


Synthetik is uniquely skilled and experienced in the development, training and effective implementation of AI applications.  We work with commercial clients and US government agencies to provide computer vision and machine learning expertise, including large-scale synthetic data generation. 

Synthetik is currently leading research with the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to fundamentally redefine how we process 3-D data using artificial intelligence.  We are also supporting the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) by employing computer vision and deep-learning methods for automatic anomaly detection at speed, as well as working directly with NOAA and Microsoft AI for Earth to develop a low-cost entanglement mitigation system to protect endangered marine species.

INSURance technology

Synthetik provides state-of-the-art computational modeling to the global terrorism insurance market, working with the largest insurance companies to offer both consulting services and analytical tool development.

Synthetik leverages its unique security engineering and testing experience gleaned from U.S. Department of Defense weapon effects programs to accurately quantify the actual losses, impacts, and business interruption associated with multiple perils related to explosive, fire, active assailant vehicle impact and chemical/biological threats.

Our proprietary 3D cityscape and building CFD analytics platform - cityCORE - is also acknowledged as world leading.


Synthetik provides world-class experience in the development of data science applications and first-principals-based modeling and simulation (M&S) codes – including multi-scale codes for modeling high explosives, such as our ground-breaking Department of Defense-endorsed Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) code.

Our unrivaled skill at integrating CAD/BIM, mesh generation modules, and high-fidelity physics based software allow the Synthetik team to adapt and integrating existing research codes to solve and optimize real-life engineering problems.

The Synthetik team has over a decade of peerless test-validated experience in M&S for high explosive detonation, having performed projects with DTRA, AFRL, Air Force, Navy, and DHS - which speaks to their ability to develop numerical models suitable for modeling and simulation.


Meet the Founders


Peter Vonk

  • Technology Visionary.

  • Leading innovative applied R&D efforts for Commercial and Government clients, including: DARPA, NOAA, DHS S&T, TSA, and the U.S. Air Force.

  • Developer of cutting-edge scientific, engineering and risk assessment software adopted globally by thousands of users.

  • Directing AI -related programs since 2013 with experience in leveraging Artificial Neural Nets (ANNs) to solve real-world engineering problems.

  • Creator of multi-modal real-time AI/ML applications to process imagery, video, and acoustic data.

  • Outstanding experience related to high-performance computing and the development and employment of computational hydrocodes, multi-scale modeling, and automated mesh generation platforms.

  • B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Nebraska, and dual masters degrees from the University of Minho and the Czech Technical University in Prague (CVUT), with a focus on applied computational and numerical analysis methods for complex structures.


Tim Brewer

  • Global Security Expert and Protective Design Engineer.

  • Analytical consultant to global insurance clients and SAFETY Act accredited venues.

  • Security adviser to many of the world’s most significant landmark structures; including embassies, WMD processing sites, long-span bridges and airports.

  • Accredited Department of Homeland Security Assessor for the BPATS scheme (Best Practices for Anti-Terrorism Security).

  • 10-year Army veteran with expertise in counter-terrorism force protection, protective design and materials, and blast and weapon effects, gained in multiple combat situations as well as Italy’s NATO headquarters, and the British Military’s Center of Excellence for Protective Design.

  • Awarded Chief of Joint Operations Commendation for distinguished service in support of operations in Afghanistan.

  • Recognized university lecturer and published technical author.

  • Professionally Licensed Engineer.

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