Synthetik Receives AI for Earth Grant from Microsoft

Synthetik Applied Technologies has been awarded an AI for Earth grant from Microsoft to help further our efforts in improving the sustainability of the global aquaculture industry by protecting endangered marine species from deadly entanglement events at offshore facilities.

 Working directly with NOAA (the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), Synthetik’s revolutionary DeepSeaVision-AI system uses a suite of modern sensors to observe areas in and around marine aquaculture facilities. This sensor data is processed using advanced computer vision and machine learning-based methods, and when an endangered marine animal is detected, a warning system is triggered to prevent entanglement. This breakthrough technology also reduces investment and operating risks associated with offshore aquaculture by streamlining the lengthy permitting process and preventing deadly entanglement events that may prove catastrophic for the operator and the wider aquaculture industry.

 The Synthetik team has been developing AI and Machine Learning models for DARPA and the Department of Defense for nearly a decade and has been working directly with NOAA, to develop a ‘NOAA-approved’ and permit-ready monitoring system.

 “We are hugely excited to join the AI for Earth Community, and look forward to leveraging state-of-the-art technology to help secure the future of the most endangered marine species whilst supporting a sustainable offshore aquaculture industry that will play a critical roll in feeding future generations.” said Synthetik’s CEO, Peter Vonk.

 AI for Earth is a $50 million, 5-year program that brings the full advantage of Microsoft technology to those working to solve global environmental challenges in the key focus areas of climate, agriculture, water and biodiversity. Through grants that provide access to cloud and AI tools, opportunities for education and training on AI and investments in innovative, scalable solutions, AI for Earth works to advance sustainability across the globe.

 Synthetik is one of the newest organizations to be recognized by Microsoft for its impact and potential and will join a growing number of AI for Earth grantees worldwide.

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